Cabbys - Web Booker

Please read the terms & conditions located at the bottom of the page for any concerns.

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Terms & Conditions of the web booker

  1. Bookings do not guarantee a vehicle is available.
  2. During peak times, Mon to Fri 7am-9.15am, 2.30pm-4.15pm & Sat evenings, there may not be an available vehicle, we advise for bookings during these times advance bookings are advisable. During certain times from the end of November to Beginning of January, we can be either short of drivers or busy, we again advise calling and checking availability first.
  3. All prices are given as an estimate and do not guarantee a fixed price, there maybe extra charges for any of the following traffic, closed roads, detours, additional stops, waiting time, changes to the journey, no pick ups, change of vehicle or incorrect information provided.
  4. Our office opening hours are the following, Mon to Fri 7am till 10pm, Sat 9am till midnight, Sun midnight till 3am & Sun 10am till 8pm, we advise making bookings during this time, for any journeys made outside these hours we cannot guarantee a vehicle